28 Days Later 2 Days Later

I watched the film 28 Days Later on Thursday. I had heard a lot of hype about this movie before I saw it, but to be completely honest I wasn’t a huge fan. I think the major reason the movie didn’t strike me was the quality of world building wasn’t very strong in my eyes. Also, the different parts of the movie (the opening scene with the monkeys, walking around London alone, the small group and the later parts of the movie I won’t spoil) didn’t seem to fit together as one movie. It was as if many ideas were mashed into one, and I wasn’t a fan.


On the version we watched on Amazon, there were two different possible endings. I won’t spoil what happens, but basically one was much more uplifting and hopeful than the other (but both still felt out of place). Because of this, Cypherpunk, Chris, and I decided to make our own alternate ending. It will make the slightest bit more sense if you’ve seen the movie, but either way it’s a good watch. Only thing I can say is don’t take it too seriously.

Making the assignment was a lot of fun, though it proves my on-screen acting skills leave much to be desired. I learned second-hand some aspects of using Final Cut Pro, thanks to Cypherpunk for editing the video. We tried to be as cheesy as possible, and I think we hit the mark on that one.


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