Alt-F4 Lip Sync

I decided to undertake the Lip Sync Along assignment and tie it in to our radio show and The End.

I really wanted to download everyone’s radio show and do a little bit of all of them, but when I couldn’t immediately download all of them I started working on my own. It took a lot longer that I originally thought, by cutting the radio into the audio I wanted, planning the shots I’ll take, memorizing my lines, shooting, and editing, it had been a good number of hours and I was dead tired. I couldn’t see myself spending literal days doing some of everyone’s. I am really proud of the product, though it still blows my mind that so much work only ended up being a video less than a minute long.


It was so much fun recording, but it usually took multiple takes to get the shot just right, so I felt the need to take the left over files and make a blooper reel. Please enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Alt-F4 Lip Sync

  1. I love the bird and threatening fork!! Awesome job lining up the audio and video too. This almost makes me want to do the same assignment!

    1. Thanks, the bird makes me laugh way too hard every time I watch it over and over! I used Windows Movie Maker, where the audio kept getting maligned with the video (even if I hadn’t moved anything!) so that was a big struggle. And feel free to do the assignment! It was super fun and I don’t blame you for wanting to do it too!

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