Charlee Seen at Her Job!

Charlee is seen here at the art and hobby store at which she works. She doesn’t necessarily love working there, but she likes her coworkers and gets a lot of hours so she sticks with it.


The store here is one that I have back home, called Paper Source. It has everything from traditional cards and patterned paper to interactive books and even toys. Making Charlee on Hero Machine was so fun that I could have played around on the maker for actual hours. The most disappointing thing was that none of the short hair worked to be close to what Charlee’s hair looks like (as in her hair is curly and hardly any of the provided styles were curly). Also, I originally chose one of the preset body types, but then I saw none of the clothing lined up unless I were to move everything on individually and I had already spent a loong time on this so I wasn’t about to take even more time.

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