Charlee, We’ve Got You Covered

Charlee Faraday, featured above in her own issue of Charlee Magazine.

I decided a great post to add to the building of my character, Charlee Faraday, would be to do the assignment “We’ve Got You Covered.” I used Canva for this assignment, finding a template magazine cover and altering it to my liking. Figuring out all the article titles took longer than formatting the cover itself! I tried to bring her personality in on each of the article titles and taglines, including the phrase “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” This phrase was part of the template I used on Canva, but it describes Charlee’s rational thinking to a T. I wish I could have gone the extra mile and written actual articles to go along with the cover, but I sadly didn’t have the time.

I wanted to have a real face to associate with Charlee, so when I made her introductory post I inserted the best representation of her I could find. Wanting to have a different picture of the same woman, I dug into the photograph I had on my Pintrest to find the model. I found out her name is Aiyana A. Lewis (linked is her instagram account). The picture for my magazine cover matched my view of Charlee perfectly: dressed casually and comfortably and looking contently uninterested. She is okay just watching and not interacting with much of her environment. It’s not that she isn’t interested per say, rather she cares more for thinking on than acting with the world around her.


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