Chipmunk Ben Wyatt and Ron Swanson

I chose to do the Chipmunk Style assignment and it was the best stress reliever I could have had this week.

I didn’t know what show or movie I should have done for this assignment, so I asked my roommate. The first thing she thought of was “anything Ron Swanson and/or Jean-Ralphio”.

So, these majestic videos were born (yes I made multiple, it was just too funny not to). I’m afraid Jean-Ralphio didn’t make it in, but these ended up perfectly nonetheless.

I used this video of every single time Ben looks into the camera on Parks & Rec. I edited it down to what I thought were the best moments, but props to the person who made this video in the first place.

I used Windows Movie Maker, since I only needed to do simple cuts and to speed things up. I didn’t want to get my videos taken down by NBC, so I mixed up the names to trick the system. Let’s hope they stay up.

I made the following two videos of Ron Swanson and his glorious self using the many emotions of Ron Swanson and Ron Swanson’s best moments.


2 thoughts on “Chipmunk Ben Wyatt and Ron Swanson

  1. These are addictive. Great work!

    Whenever I have to go back and watch myself on YouTube (from an old video from work or ds106) I always speed myself up 2x. It doesn’t chipmunk me, but it makes me sound so much funnier and on point.

    1. Thank you! One small problem arose after I had watched and made these videos… when I moved on to do (serious) reading for another class, I read everything in a chipmunk voice. It was a blessing and a curse.

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