How My Shoes Saw the Dawn of the Apocalypse

I was making one of those trendy videos of your shoes as you’re walking when something crazy started happening on campus. I had just gotten lunch at Blackstone when the screams broke out, then there were flashes of strange light all around me. I had to find a safe space and I had to find it QUICK. Somehow, I was able to capture the process but through the angle of looking at my shoes.

This video was made for the “Where do your shoes take you?” assignment. This assignment was perfect to produce for the HCC media wall! Since sound wasn’t necessary, I had fun making a coherent story just from the video.

It was weird how self-conscious I was pointing my phone at my feet while walking, especially when I had to record while a lot of people were around or record my feet in a desk (and everyone was early to class that day to study for the test we’ll be taking). It was fun editing though. I liked matching up my steps across different clips, so that even if it were a jump cut it would have a sense of cohesion. The sweet ambient music I found on freesound worked well and wasn’t too distracting.

4 thoughts on “How My Shoes Saw the Dawn of the Apocalypse

  1. This video is so great dude. I really love the shooting locations you chose (you gotta tell me where you were shooting when I see you next) and how you connected everything into a story. The effects were pretty cool as well! I definitely relate to this video because I own about a million pairs of chucks and I swear I always have crazy journeys in them.

    1. Thank you thank you! I’d love to talk about shooting locations, ’cause I think once you know where they are they will see so obvious hahaha. And I no joke took a while to decide between different pairs of Converse (there was a static-grey and a red that both nearly made the final cut).

  2. I love, love, love this! But how did you not run into things while you were filming! And I also want to know where you found that place to hide. I don’t recognize it from around campus. . .

    1. Thanks! I held my phone out level with the ground at about shoulder level, that way I could look where I was walking while also glancing down at the video to make sure it was working properly. The door to the “bunker” is a tunnel entrance behind Ball Hall (hidden over a hill) and the “bunker” itself is in the basement of Ball! It’s the same room as the laundry room, but it gets super creepy the deeper in you go.

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