Never Before Seen Footage of Patricia Wellington Before She Became a HGTV Star

This just in: new, raw footage of the famous HGTV star Patricia Wellington has recently surfaced in the media. We see here the roots of her budding career, and the only glimpse of the fabled “Susan” anyone has ever captured. This video is from her audition to the show that never aired: HGTV’s Collegiate Bathroom Tours.

This video was made based on the Sardonic Tour assignment. I chose to do my dorm bathroom, because while I don’t hate it, I can definitely say that I won’t miss it when I move out in a few weeks. I tried not to take this too seriously and lose the humor of the video, so there are parts where I could have redone the shot, but I chose not to. I do wish I could edit out my suite mates talking in their room or “Susan” laughing at me for most of the video.

I had a hard time finding a good free video editing program. Open Shot would freeze for a whole minute anytime I tried to make a cut or move a video, and Avid Media Composer|First wouldn’t even install (it’s not meant for Windows 10 sadly). So, I just stuck with Windows Movie Maker.

Making this video was super fun and hilarious, though I’m not sure if it will be funny to anyone but my roommate and I, but here I go putting out into the world to judge.

2 thoughts on “Never Before Seen Footage of Patricia Wellington Before She Became a HGTV Star

    1. I appreciate the praise! I’ve never had someone literally die over pure enjoyment of one of my creations! Get well soon and I hope this really isn’t your end.

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