Oops I Blitzed It Again

I took this photo at the Fredericksburg train station when my family came up to visit and my little brothers desperately wanted to see trains go by. Conveying which track is on which side is important for passengers to know to prepare to board their train, so the number is the largest of the three images. There also is no extra design in the white space that could distract from the message being delivered.

This picture is of a pack of sparkling lemonade I bought at the grocery store. The design of the logo has always caught my attention. The double e’s and o’s tell me to read the product “Lemon Lemon” even though there is only one L, M, and N.

This postcard caught my eye as my family and I left an antique store. I liked both the silhouette of the cowboy and horse and the coloring of the text to match the colors of the sunset.

This was at the same antique store as the postcard. The sign was up a staircase and tucked away, and I felt it needed attention.

I found this card on a “Take What You Need” board (I would have kept it if it were a sticker).



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