Quidditch, Explained Up-Goer Style

To play the team game from the well-known boy wonder books is different from what most people think. You run with sticks to pretend to fly. You throw a ball around and try to make it in the round point places. I am the round point place guard player. There are people who are trying to stop you by hitting you with a different ball at the same time. A person in shorts runs around and another person is supposed to catch them. A whole game lasts about half an hour, if that. You can hit other people and bring them down, as long as you don’t hurt them too bad. It’s really fun and hard and lots of friends play all together. I hurt my foot – leg meet up place so it’s harder for me to do as much as I want but I still try to play.


Made using only the top 1000 most common words.

4 thoughts on “Quidditch, Explained Up-Goer Style

  1. I’m just imagining what whole books written like this would be like and dying a little bit. I’m sorry you hurt your foot-leg meet up place and I hope it feels better!

  2. Great job–how hard did you find it to do this challenge? Whenever you’re writing up assignment posts, make sure you take some time to write the story behind your work, too. Tell us about why you chose the assignment, why you made the choices you made, what was hard/easy, etc.

    1. I took so long trying to write about Quidditch using such restricted words that I totally forgot to write about writing it! I definitely will make sure to do that in the future. The assignment sounded like a fun challenge, and Quidditch seemed an even more challenging topic to cover. Some places were MUCH harder than others (like trying to find a way to say “goal” and “ankle”). This lead to some pretty… interesting ways of phrasing things.

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