Radio Show Planning, What’s Going On??

This week my group came together and we planned out much of our radio show. We came up with our group name, Alt-F4 (props to Chris for coming up the the idea) which is the keystroke to close windows on a computer (AKA to bring about The End).

Together we decided we wanted to make our show start out like a broadcast on UMW radio and then have it slowly become taken over by strange conspiracies (tying in the evidence found in our class). The show is titled the “Talk Shit Show” which will be interesting to record for me as I am not the kind of person who swears (“crap” and, rarely, “pissed off” are my worst).

My task was to make a poster that would be sent out during the broadcast that started it all:

I used Canva to make it, changing much of the original template to make it match the vibe I wanted it to give. My favorite additions were the 8-point stars that looked almost like explosions.

Alt-F4 planned out the major ideas and plot points that will be covered in the radio show. We have a hefty Google Doc planning out all of our ideas like what role we’d each be doing and starting to think about how to incorporate the evidence and our characters. We were all very excited to get this show on the road, so that can only mean good prospects in our future!

2 thoughts on “Radio Show Planning, What’s Going On??

  1. The Talk Shit Show……I can’t wait to tune in to hear all the shit talking that will be going on. It sounds like you guys have a good jump on this project. The radio show poster is subtle, yet gets to the point. I quite enjoyed it. Look forward to this radio broadcast.

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