Romeo Uniform November

I added my message to the radio on Frequency 2156 (after some interference prevented me from doing so for a long while):

The website could have enthralled me for HOURS (and it did for at least one). It is so interesting how everything is tied together under one “radio” and that anyone can add to it. The filter placed over all the additions moreso unifies all of the pieces. The anonymity of audio but also the humanness it creates makes for a powerful medium. I frequently got enveloped in other broadcasts that I had to remind myself I’m not in the apocalypse currently (though sometimes I have my doubts).

I wanted to take a different route than I normally do and try to make something inhuman (or, at least, inhuman sounding). I recorded my own audio with my phone and bunkering down in my closet to reduce background noise. Under that, I tried to put sounds of waves crashing on the beach, but when I uploaded my message it got mostly drowned out, though you can still hear it if you’re listening for it. Along with that, I put even quieter sound effects, but the only one you can partially hear is a soft ringing noise above everything.

**There is NOT any form of ENCODED message in my addition to the radio. The findings of Scout Bot 4531 were DIRECT with NO ALTERNATE MESSAGE. **

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