She Came on the Pawsenger Train


My dog, Checkers, came to visit me in Fredericksburg! If you hear me talking about my puppy, I’m really talking about my twelve-year-old shi-poo (shi-tzu poodle mix). Even though I’m more of a medium-large sized dog person, I love Checkers to bits. While the train station isn’t on campus, this is were I’d go to meet my dog as she disemBARKS the train from Chesapeake (with her luggage full of treats).

Making this image was quick and simple (except that the first time I did it my laptop died and I hadn’t saved yet). I could have spent a significant amount of time making it perfect, but I decided to settle when I had to redo the entire thing.

I got a picture of the luggage on google (I looked up “dog luggage” but then went so deep into google I cannot find the image again). I had to distort the luggage with a perspective tool to look more realistic. On top of all that, I edited the contrast, saturation, and other color settings to better fit Checkers and her luggage in with the background image I took at the train station.

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