Some of the Good Sounds

This assignment I had to mash up some of my favorite sounds. One of my favorite sounds that I couldn’t get into the clip was wind blowing through trees/leaves. In digital form it usually ends up sounding like wind noise (which I do like, but it just didn’t work for this mix).

Here is my finished piece:

I made it so that it felt as if I were listening to a storm outside, then I moved inside and hear the rain on a window, then I read a book (flipping through the pages, which I frequently entertain myself with), and finally I listen to music (I personally play the flute, but I love the sound of strings, especially the cello). The audio came from these YouTube videos, in this order:

Gentle rain and thunder sounds, Winter Snow Storm SoundOld Book ASMR , Stranger Things Medley by Nicholas Yee

Making the mix was relatively easy. After obtaining the sounds, the hardest part was loading the music into Audacity (since some files were an hour or more in length. Then, cutting and merging the files took merely minutes. I first uploaded the file to SoundCloud, then I realized the music at the end was unproportionally loud, so I had to lower the volume back in Audacity before re-uploading. Doing this assignment was actually really calming and I enjoyed making it my mix!

2 thoughts on “Some of the Good Sounds

  1. I love your good sounds mix! I too love rain and strings music, so this was really relaxing for me. If you were to make another mix that included the wind noise, what other sounds would you put with it?

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