Who is Charlee Faraday?

Charlee Faraday is a combination of the Lone Wolf and the Neutral Character. She prefers spending time alone, finding her time is most productive and beneficial that way. She also is okay going with whatever situation is given to her, as long as she has a direction she plans on going.

In school, Charlee had a hard time forming bonds that would last beyond the school atmosphere. Often, she wasn’t taken seriously, especially when it always looked as if she was content (her lips naturally curve upward). More so, she couldn’t exactly blend in with the crowd. She has always been tall for her age, and her full height ending up being 5’10”. Along with her height, her prominent voice was an attention-getter. Her low participation in class was only countered by her willingness to read out loud whenever she could.

Her mom always read stories to Charlee out loud, so much that when Charlee had to start reading on her own, she felt let down. When she could, Charlee would read aloud to herself, since it felt more natural to have the words be spoken and not simply read.

Her dream is to become an audiobook narrator, but she needs the funds to afford equipment. A lot of the money she gets goes straight into bills: as soon as she graduated high school her parents made her start paying rent and utilities. She doesn’t have her own car and is also putting money away for one.

She found her sole friends through her town’s local fencing club, which is just up the road from her house. Most of the people there were at least a couple years older than Charlee, but she didn’t let that stand in her way. She easily became the Most Improved member, with the help of the assistant instructor, Freya. In her thirties, Freya saw Charlee’s potential. Even though the girl didn’t like opening up to teammates, she put her whole into everything she did, and Freya wanted to expand that. Freya also offered Charlee a job at the the local art and hobby supplies store she worked at. This is also convenient for Charlee since it is just small distance from the fencing building, both of which are a good walk from her house.

Once Charlee graduated from high school, she moved from part time to full time. She did many things across the store, such as restocking the shelves, creating and building displays, and even doing repairs to the aging building. She enjoys working alone or with just one or two other employees. She herself doesn’t realize how much she valued the relationships she and her coworkers had, it being a tight-knit community. Especially important is the older owner of the store, Mabel (who happily works through retirement) and Freya, whom Charlee feels is like an older sister of sorts. Besides those close to her, however, Charlee generally acts apathetically to others.

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