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Design is Much More Complicated Than I First Thought


Paula Scher’s Ted Talk “Great Design is Serious, Not Solemn” touches on something I often have to look at: keeping my work fun and created not just for the sake of meeting a deadline. Her speaking on how popular styles (regarding anything) make the artist start to churn out works not for themselves but for others. Once continuous creations start basing themselves off other popular creations, the actual thoughts and process behind it are turned bland and impersonal. I will try to use this idea to influence what I make in so much that I don’t wind up doing things begrudgingly and instead seriously (but also enthusiastically!).

David Carson’s Ted Talk “Design and Discovery” was packed with both smarts and humor. While I liked his designs a lot less than Paula Scher’s (to me, his are more erratic and less clear than hers), I did like what he said about putting your self into your work, usingĀ your experiences, and not being afraid to experiment. I would like to focus on this idea to be as original and true to myself in my work as I can be.


David Carson said “don’t mistake legibility for communication.” But, in his work, I can hardly make out what is trying to be said at all. It is the same thing to me as abstract expressionism in art. I have a very hard time understanding it, and almost any meaning I give the work feels self-imposed and not true to what I should be getting out of it (though maybe that’s the point? still unsure).

While the two videos expanded upon what goes on behind design, Canva helped show me the actual fundamentals of design. The interactive nature of the tutorials helped me grasp concepts MUCH quicker than I would have just reading and looking at picture tutorials. The Harnessing Hierarchy and the Canva Shortcuts/Tips and Tricks were some that I found most helpful. However, my impatient side got the hold of me when Canva took a long time to change selections (I would click on an image or text multiple times until it finally loaded, and then it sometimes was not what I wanted). This could just be because I’m new to the software or that I’m expecting it to work differently than it does, but I won’t quit using the website just yet.


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