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Radio Show – A Glance Back

My Radio Show

The production of my radio show was both fun and tedious. Writing the show was great, adding in every detail we could and creating the plot was exhilarating! The recording of our show was exciting since I got the chance to act, which I don’t normally get to do. Getting into character and making the story sound all the more real was a challenge that I truly enjoyed.

Once that part was over, however, the hours of editing weighed me down. I already knew I was the person who would spend four hours editing a two minute clip (no exaggeration), but when this fifteen minute monster came knocking on my door I had to buckle down and get to work. We got sounds from all over, whether they were from free sound websites or sounds I had recorded for different projects or recordings we made ourselves. I usually get super obsessive over projects I am passionate about, so the hours editing flew by. At one point, I was ready to stop listening to my own voice, especially in places where I thought I could have said my lines better.

After everything was said and done (or, said and edited) I was, and still am, incredibly proud of our final radio show. The effects, acting, and story all came together seamlessly and I am endlessly satisfied

Others’ Radio Shows!

Listening to everyone’s final radio shows was so interesting! The freedom of the assignment lead to some really interesting products!

Survivors at Sunrise had the neat idea to make an almost casual talk show. Including a Q&A, advice, gossip, and plain chatter all together was super cool when combined with the theme of the apocalypse. Their show gave way to some really interesting tweets that are hilarious taken out of context.

WUMW had an energetic blend of rocking music and dramatic apocalyptic plot that escalated VERY quickly.

Tuning in to each others’ radio shows and talking through them on Twitter was a fun way to build community among all of the students. GIFs and comments and responding to everyone made the experience all the more interactive and engaging! Our radio shows were no longer just a project that once published it was done for good. Rather they became shared experiences with our classmates.

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