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Another Week? Time is an Illusion in the Apocalypse

I order to manage my time better on the Daily Creates, I did the first one when I had other work due the next day, so I would urge myself to finish faster to be able to do my other work, and I did the second one about twenty minutes before one of my classes began (still working my way down to the approximate ten-minute mark).

The first one was when I was supposed to “Make an image that shows or represents bones.” My roommate and I have a few Halloween decorations we keep out year-round (such as our skull named Brenden and two skeleton birds named Pete and Patrick), so I knew this would be an easy daily create. At first, I remembered my roommate has femur string lights, but she took them home at the end of last semester so I sadly couldn’t use those. So, I decided to work with both photography and GIMP to create this:

The pun, of course, was obligatory.

The next daily create was #ColorOurCollections and Europeana EYCH Colouring Book, which I thought would be easy since I was only coloring and not creating the entire image myself. I wanted to color the whole thing, but with the time restraint I had to get creative and simply color the woman and bear and alter the background with a filter.

Making my Brady Bunch parody picture was fun, but I already talked about that in my post:

The (un)Dead Doppelgängers!

I connected my Twitter to my blog, so the first post to be automatically uploaded was the assignment where I inserted my dog into a Fredericksburg photo and the rest posted automatically after that. I am still getting used to editing my tweets before I publish my post, however.

In regards to my fellow survivors of the apocalypse, Casey’s photo edit is interesting in that it depicts more psychological ideas rather than physical ones, which is something I’d like to think about incorporating into my future work. And, if Samara can do assignments while sick, then I can do them on-time while healthy! While for my photoblitz I ran around campus and my dorm, she must have been stuck inside her house, so props to her for having a time limit and limited space to use.

Do you think an animated GIF can be considered a story? Why or why not?

In the GIFs I made this week alone there are some with story and some without. This one:


goes through a story of father trying to save daughter from impending danger.

This one:

shows an awesome fight sequence but any story derived from it is supplemented by knowing the plot of the movie or inserting fabricated narrative.

So of course my answer is it depends.

2 thoughts on “Another Week? Time is an Illusion in the Apocalypse

  1. I love your Train to Busan gifs! I watched that one as well and you captured a story perfectly in the one where Seok-Woo runs to Su-An. Look at the sheer panic in that man’s face! Your daily creates were also very cool. How’d you do the one where you had a skull face?

    1. Thanks! My roommate casually has a plastic skull from target in our room year-round, so I took a picture of it, deleted everything around it, and placed it in a layer (in GIMP) above my face to cover most of my head. The second one I did the same and then inverted the image colors.

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