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End of Week Fine, I’m Doing Five!!

This week I went deeper into my understanding of Audacity and then put that knowledge to use in  my assignments. The mix of my favorite sounds was quite relaxing to make, and I am proud of my Disney mashup that was just plain fun to create.


Also this week, I made my character! Her name is Charlee Faraday, and I am excited to go through the apocalypse with her. She is different from me by not really caring too much for others, so that will be fun to write. I wish I got to expand on her more in my assignment this week, but there was no way I could have done it succinctly.

I enjoyed Samara’s radio ad, it is very creative, incorporating elements from the story Finis (which I never read, but now I want to!) with humor and Magic School Bus. Also, Taylor’s Frequency 2156 post was really good in that her submission to the radio was very well acted out!

Regarding my own site, I had forgotten to update my site menu with my new subcategories, so I added those this week.

Throughout Week 5 I didn’t exactly keep my standards of getting work done at a reasonable time like I had proposed at the end of Week 4. Much of my work was completed over the weekend. This lead to rapid release of posts, which created an imbalance both on my site but also on Slack and Twitter. I will try to map out on paper how I will divide my assignments in the future, but we shall see how that works out.

Question of the Week:

How are you feeling? Be specific.

Mentally I am pretty tired, as this semester is kind of hectic for me. I hardly have any free time, what with clubs leadership, classes, a job, and an internship. I’ve been trying to give myself time for self care, so I’m not drowning, but let’s just say I am 100% ready for spring break.

Physically, I have yet to feel the sickness that has seemed to spread throughout campus (*knocks on every wooden surface within ten miles*). I’ve just been strangely hungry all the time, like I can’t get enough to eat. I can only wonder what that says about me…


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