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Has it Been Three Weeks or Three Years?

A good chunk of time has passed and a lot has been happening! So here’s a recap.

Daily Creates

My daily creates these past couple weeks have continued to get my creative juices flowing in different directions while my group and I worked on our radio show.

I was excited to be able to use the superhero creator again for this daily create! I wasn’t constricted by a preconceived idea of what my character looks like, so I got to play around and make something I wasn’t expecting.

Swapping with my dog was fun, though I had to leave my dog at home once spring break was over. I originally thought I’d take a picture of myself and edit it, but then I thought to look through pictures of me saved on my phone and this one seemed perfect. My favorite detail is less noticeable: my dog’s tail.

Making this postcard probably took longer than it should have. I used a very basic template on Canva and added all of my own elements. I tried to make it ambiguous as to who it was for, and because I like writing fiction so much it became a story of its own mostly unrelated to me.

Lastly, I saw this prompt and knew I had a picture that would fit it somewhere. I frequently take pictures of things I find interesting and cool looking, even if I’m out in public and have to take it slyly. I was looking through pictures I took when I went to the British Isles the summer of 2015 and this one seemed the most obvious fit.

Radio Show


Recording the radio show with my group, Alt-F4 was really fun! The best part was when we decided to become temporary Foley artists and create sound effects and fight scenes.




While we did have some rough moments, like when a whole episode that took hours to edit wound up lost, so we came up short time-wise. But, we chose to not rush to meet the twenty minute mark and have a mediocre show, and instead have a nearly 15 minute show that is whole and well-made. Working with Chris, Jenn, and Dan was a blast, even if we lost our minds more than once, and I’m proud of what we achieved.

Below, you can listen to the final product!


Question of the Week

If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

I think I’d like to be a being from someplace other than Earth, as long as I can disguise myself. Then I’d get to discover Earth from an outsider’s view, and I know I would find everything so interesting. That’s basically me, as a human, going to an alien planet, and how cool is that?


5 thoughts on “Has it Been Three Weeks or Three Years?

  1. I love the postcard you created for the Daily Create! I love how you made the recipient anonymous! It makes it more fun and lets my imagination run wild as to who it is! I haven’t had a chance to listen to y’all’s radio show but I will soon! I’m sure it’s great!

    1. Thanks, I like anonymity because it’s vague enough for anyone to connect with! I can’t wait for you to hear ours, and I’m pumped for yours as well!

  2. I like the pumpkins hair for sure, squishy pumpkin I can only imagine would stink at that point as it was rotting. I like how you guys went outside the norm and made your own sound effects, it’s unfortunate when you put in all this work and a file comes up missing. I am sure the finished product will be well worth the listen.

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