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Staying Afloat in the Swarm

This week has been a little harder to keep my head above the water. The beginnings of my weeks are more jam-packed with school, work, internship, and clubs, which meant I left more of my assignments until The End of the week. I plan on keeping more on top of things, learning to do little bits whenever I can and also not taking more time than is needed for assignments.

The Amazon review I posted was one of my favorite assignments this week. Finding an item, going to a real place to buy it, and writing a fake review was really fun. I did feel somewhat guilty for tainting the real reviews, but maybe someone wouldn’t take offense and instead get a kick out of my apocalyptic review. In this fictional life of the review, I made a world where Amazon was still up and running during the apocalypse and I was going on a mission to find the hidden facilities in search of other survivors and more supplies.

Amazon in the Apocalypse: Item Review

This week I’ve been trying to not spend a huge amount of time on Daily Creates (since they are only supposed to take ten minutes). The first one was a flash fiction about an alien invasion, and I wanted to try to encompass a huge war through a small object. I heard somewhere that working with symbols is the more effective way at giving large concepts in concise packaging.

Another day, another daily create! For this one, I had to create a randomly generated compliment and put it over an image. The compliment I received lent more toward a gif, so I thought I’d tweak the rules a little. I overlaid text over the gif above using the website gifntext. I love the evolution of this gif as it seems to match the way the compliment plays out.
water buffallo swallowing a of an ant grandiosity humblest flare with the your dainty nostrils


Checking out others’ posts has been so intriguing and inspiring. Lauren Sergent’s post reviewing an Amazon purchase of a mirror was both relevant to real life and hilarious. I noticed that a lot of people did the assignment of writing apocalypse terms of service. One that I really liked was cypherpunk’s because it was both nonchalant and overtly funny. Lastly, Manny’s Daily Create was so detailed and exotic that I was creating a whole world just by reading a recipe!

The question of choosing between hoarding my supplies and sharing them with others is a tough one. I know that once I start sharing with others, more and more people will ask and it would get harder and harder to put a limit on what I can keep to myself. To save myself at least a little trouble, I would have to specify (to just myself or to others) just what/how much I am keeping to myself and also who I will give supplies (and how much, of course). There are so many factors that still yet need to be considered (like rationing supplies in the hopes that certain people will bring more back), so the decision would be very situation-dependent and there is no way for me to know quite what I’d do.

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