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Week 6 in the Bag

Thanks to this week working in design, I am now aware of design all around me, everywhere I go. I understand why certain designs get my attention and how they do so.

I have familiarized myself with Canva this week, which has quickened the rate I am able to make my designs tenfold! Also, simply using the templates have showed me more ways of formatting that I could use later if I want to make something from scratch.

I thought about my character more in depth, using my creative writing mind to really understand how Charlee’s mind works.

Though the assignments I’ve completed in relation to her haven’t said all too much about her, I know she will become more well-rounded within the next coming weeks.

I am really proud of all my work this week. I didn’t feel rushed to make anything and instead took the time needed (and not any more) to get a final product I loved.

Lastly, I am excited for Charlee to be in a survival camp with Alex, Cypherpunk, and James! Being in a group of strangers is going to be hard for her, especially when all of the members of the group aren’t necessarily the most outgoing people. I think this will end up making an interesting dynamic that doesn’t fit stereotypical group models.


Looking at others’ work:

Anne Armour’s font for her character’s name is visually balanced between the name itself and the design. The flowers she added are placed nicely and look professionally done. Elizabeth’s font uses both text font and background to give a rounded appearance of what I see as a local family doctor. Chris’s lost and found poster was a hilarious take since it personified Martha’s hat as a living being that is shy and responds to hearing its name.


Question of the Week:

Group dynamics can be tricky.
What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

I’ve had a couple good group experiences. One was during my freshman year, when I was in a group of four. We divided work up as evenly as possible and checked in on each other to make sure things were getting done and everyone was feeling good about their part in the group.

Another group, last fall, was five people and it worked out mostly okay. Besides one member who contributed significantly less than the rest of us, we were able to divide aspects of our project up equally to make the whole thing run much smoother. Like the first group, here we checked in on each other frequently to make sure everything was going okay.

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