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Week Nine, in sum

This week has been a nice sluggish week after the rush of producing our radio show. Speaking of our radio show, here is my reflection of the experience (along with the listening of others’ shows):

Radio Show – A Glance Back

The assignment I redid this week was the write an alternate ending.

Here was my original attempt:

The NEW End of the Whole Mess

And here is my new attempt:

World War Z Alternate Ending

I am happy to have the chance to redo an old assignment, though I thought it would have better to do closer to the end of the semester once most of our assignments have been completed. This one turned out great, mostly because I inserted my character into it and expanded more than I had on my first attempt.

Daily creates

A few years ago on Earth Day, Google had a quiz to see what animal you are, and I got the pangolin. I think they are adorable creatures that look like they’re about to nervously ask their crush to prom.

Okay, so only the first dog (the wizard dog) is really mine. The other two were adopted-for-a-day from the Fredericksburg SPCA in order to get them out of the shelter and moving more than they are usually able. I can’t wait until the day when I get a dog of my own, but for now I can appreciate any I can spend time with.
p.s. I tried becoming a cat person, but my allergies put up a hard fight.

I like writing poetry, but only giving myself a few minutes to come up with one was a very hard thing to do. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, especially after I added the line breaks in the right places.


Question of the Week

What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

I think this is a toss up between food and water, since those are absolutely essential to live. On top of that, shelter is really important. My food would have to be scavenged and rationed, and I think I would probably have to get really creative in what I eat when my supplies are low (but hopefully not eat something poisonous). Clean water would also be a problem, so if I could learn to jimmy up a rain catcher that could help (unless the apocalypse causes air pollution, then that might not be very good). If I’m lucky, my shelter wouldn’t have to change too often. I would probably need some place that passerby wouldn’t desperately want to pillage, but also a place that’s safe to live in (and maybe even nice to live in, but nice is a luxury in the apocalypse).


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